3 Ways To Create a Healthy Work Life Balance


The line between your worklife and personal life can sometimes blur. That’s the reality now more than ever, where businesses run 24/7 and the expectation for many, especially those in management positions, is to be available around the clock.

Even when you think you’ve got the whole work life balance thing sorted, it’s easy for counterproductive behaviours to slip in; a 9pm email here, a skipped lunch there.

Perfecting a balanced lifestyle, allocating just the right amount of time to your career and to yourself, is incredibly important to your overall health and happiness. So if you’re feeling like the scales are tipping in favour of the office, here are three ways to help restore a healthy life balance.

Schedule in your ‘me’ time‍

Use your calendar to your advantage. If you have a system at work where your calendar is visible to others, make sure you block out time for yourself.

That includes lunch breaks, exercise, and any non-negotiable social or family commitments. Eating well, staying active, and being social are essential to creating a well-balanced lifestyle.

Time is a valuable commodity and one you should view as currency. You only have a certain amount of it to spend in a day before you become time-poor, so start asking yourself what is really worth spending your time on.

Strive to be better – not the best

Perfectionists, listen up: it’s great to be revered and reap accolades, but striving to be the best is destructive to that healthy work life balance we’re trying to create here.

Do you ever get home and realise you forgot to do something, or made a mistake during the day? If that kind of situation leaves you feeling tight in the chest, take a deep breath and remember you’re only human, and sometimes ‘good enough’ really is good enough.

Focus on what really matters and work smarter – not harder. Remember: time is one thing you can’t buy more or, so use it wisely and don’t spend it sweating the small stuff.

Know when to say no

Saying no in the right circumstances can be incredibly powerful. When things are getting a bit too much, if something is outside your jurisdiction, or you’re confronted with a task you really don’t feel comfortable doing, speak up.

Being a ‘yes person’ is a slippery slope to an unhealthy work life balance and sends a message that other people’s priorities are more important than your own. Be careful that when you’re saying yes to other people, you’re not saying no to your own needs.

Knowing when to pace yourself is key to staying healthy at work. There are times when you have to give it everything you’ve got, and then there are times when you need to take a step back. Your career is a marathon – not a sprint – so don’t forget to enjoy the journey! 

Ashton Rigg