3 Ways To Make Your Office Healthier


There’s no shortage of research to suggest that our working lives take a toll on our health. Not only are we sitting for longer periods than ever before, but we’re working long hours that make active lifestyles even harder – all in drying, air-conditioned comfort!

But living well at work is still achievable. With some small, simply changes, you can emphasise how important health (both physical and mental) is to your company. It’s about a encouraging the right culture (such as not eating lunch at your desk) and enforcing this message with healthy benefits. Your team will thank you for it!


Natural light and fresh air

Depending on the architecture of your building, it may or may not be possible to increase natural light or airflow. The benefits of both are profound, but you’ll still need to work with what you’ve got.

If it’s not possible to open windows or build light-filled spaces, encourage your employees to actually go outside on their lunch break or have meetings in the sunnier board room. A breath of fresh air or the sun on your break can rejuvenate you for the afternoon ahead.

If it is possible, open up those windows and let some air inside! Let as much natural light into the building as possible, with sheer curtains to control the glare when needed. Designing a space that feels as close to outdoors as possible will see many returns in productivity and team health.


Make the snacks healthy

Free food options are among the top 10 most appealing work perks for Australians, according to Seek! But employees who eat well are 25% more likely to perform well (Health Enhancement Research Organisation).

Sure, everyone likes a treat, but bringing in a box of 3pm doughnuts is basically writing off the afternoon. Instead, bring in some healthy snacks that are delicious while also avoiding massive sugar spikes (and therefore slumps).

With a Snackwize subscription, expect a bounty of protein balls, kale chips, trailmixes, nuts, beef jerky and more! Delivered to the door each month (or however frequently suits you), you’ll be able to look after your team so they can power through the day.


Add some greenery

There’s a reason Pinterest overflows with photos of office spaces, lush in greenery. Plants improve air quality (especially important in inner-city buildings) and increase productivity (by filtering excess carbon dioxide). They’ve also been proven to reduce stress, inspire creativity and reduce sickness. Thank you Mother Nature!

While plants require some basic maintenance, many species will work beautifully in an office. Try aloe vera, succulents, ivy and peace lillies, and encourage employees to bring in their own to decorate their desks.

Building a work environment that values team health is simple and cost-effective. While none of these tips are expensive, any investment will pay for itself many times over when your staff members are performing at their best.

Conor Reynolds