4 Habits That are Secretly Ageing you


Hopefully it goes without saying that cigarettes and sun damage make you older (well done for diligently quitting and putting on sunscreen!). And in order to preserve your youth, you might be hitting the gym, eating lots of salmon and taking your vitamins.

But if you’re trying to slow down the clock, don’t overlook these daily habits that might be sabotaging your efforts.


Those Sleepless Nights

We all know sleep is important, but did you know it’s keeping you young?

Studies have shown that insomnia symptoms (such as restlessness and difficultly falling asleep) accelerate ageing by two years! Lack of sleep can cause premature skin ageing, such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and the inability to recover properly from sun damage.

WHAT TO DO: Maintain a routine skin schedule. Nominate a wake-up time and a bedtime, just like when you were a child! Find the number of hours that work for you (7-8 is a good ballpark, but you might need a bit more or less) and then stick to it.


Ignoring Your Stress Levels

Stress greatly effects your body. While bursts of it can make you more productive, chronic stress ages your brain and leads to habits that contribute to premature ageing as well (such as excessive drinking and poor sleep habits).

WHAT TO DO: Chronic stress can be managed, and there are few situations in the world you can do nothing about. Consider if your workplace is actually the right environment for you (and if it’s not, brush up that resumé). Look around you to the people you spend time with. Break that six-cups-a-day coffee habit. Make some time for yourself each day. Start making small changes to your life and you’ll be rewarded ten-fold.

Finally, consider seeing a professional to talk through your chronic stress – just talking out loud can help you see solutions.


Scrolling Through Instagram All Day

Constantly looking at your phone has led to pain that’s been dubbed ‘tech neck’. The result of constantly bending your neck to look at your screens, tech neck can contribute to sagging and creases above the clavicle bone, which result in ageing neck skin.

WHAT TO DO: The best way to prevent tech neck, of course, is to spend less time on your phone! But, developing a neck skincare regime can also help. Also make sure you’re regularly stretching your neck muscles, and look at the ergonomics of your computer screen. If it’s too low, it’s as bad as looking down at your phone all day!


Your Afternoon Snack

Sure, lots of sugar is unhealthy. We all know that. But as well as being bad for our waistlines, did you know sugar has a negative impact on our skin too?

Sugar can be a cause of inflammation, which can lead to premature skin ageing.

As you wean yourself off your sugar addiction, you’ll actually find yourself enjoying other snacks even more. Perhaps veggie chips sounds boring in comparison now, but once your taste buds have reset, you’ll be amazed at what your new self finds delicious.

WHAT TO DO: Stop heading to the vending machine at 3pm for your daily soft drink and chocolate bar! Instead, keep some delicious yet healthy snacks in your desk drawer for when you need them. Talk to Snackwize about a custom subscription box straight to your office!

Phoebe Tully