4 Ways Mindfulness Meditation Will Change Your Workday


If you think meditation is some wishy-washy ideology, think again! You don’t have to be like Buddha and camp beneath a Bodhi tree in search of enlightenment to reap the many benefits of meditation.

Meditation is about taking a few moments to yourself – clearing your mind, tuning in to your wellbeing, slowing things down, and becoming more aware.

You don’t need to dedicate an hour of your day, follow any strict meditation guide, or even invest in a pair of yoga pants; and it’s never been easier (and more important) to practice mindfulness at work as we become increasingly time-poor and our work/life balance blurs.

Here are four reasons you should consider taking five and tuning in:


1. Your concentration will increase

Meditation has been linked to a whole range of brain-boosting improvements, including increased focus and memory. 

Meditation and mindfulness also play a huge role in helping you become more self-aware. Being aware of your thoughts, strengths, and areas for improvement means greater confidence in what you can do, and greater motivation to learn and grow. High-five for personal development!

2. You’re better at navigating conflict

When something goes wrong at work, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and let those surface emotions take hold. Unfortunately, this can mean you’ll say or do something you’ll soon regret. 

By practicing regular meditation, your first instinct will no longer be to snap into defense mode and let your boss / colleague / barista / printer know what you really think.

Instead, you will naturally relax, take pause, work through your feelings internally, and think about your reaction before letting loose.

Next time you open your inbox to an email that makes your blood boil, step away and take a few deep breaths instead of ‘replying all’ with vengeance.

3. You’ll be able to articulate things more clearly

Every one of us has no doubt faced the situation where you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to. You fumble and feel embarrassed. 

In retrospect, you realise you did know the answer – you were just caught off-guard and couldn’t gather your thoughts in time. This is where ongoing meditation benefits really shine through. 

Mindfulness company Headspace works with companies of all shapes and sizes, training staff to stay calm, focused, and perform at their best by taking just 10 minutes a day to run through mediation exercises on their app. Hey, if it’s good enough for Google… 

Workplace mediation isn’t about trust-falls or sharing circles. In the words of Headspace: “We focus on small actions that make a difference like healthy snacks in the kitchen, a comfortable environment and taking care of your mind for a few minutes each day.”

Healthy snacks in the workplace, you say? Now you’re speaking our language!


4. You won’t bring stress home with you

Would you believe 1 in 5 Australian employees had time off in the past year for mental health reasons? 

Smiling Mind (another awesome meditation app)’s mindfulness meditation programs are clinically proven to help staff manage stress, improve productivity, and achieve a positive work/life balance.

When stress goes down, wellbeing goes up. It’s science, but it’s simple. Dealing with work-related stress during the day using healthy techniques means you’re not bottling things up and bringing them home with you.

Not only do mindfulness exercises lower blood pressure and anxiety, they also decrease tension-related pain like headaches, improve your immune system, and help you get a better night’s sleep, ready to tackle another day.

Ashton Rigg