4 Ways to Keep Employees Happy


No business can afford not to take care of their employees. If you’re in the people-management game and employee engagement isn’t on your priority list, it should be.

You don’t need to be in the CFO’s seat to know turnover is expensive, and the unfortunate fact of today’s fast-paced economy is that employees will happily jump ship for a job that better suits their lifestyle and/or career goals.

HR is a tough gig these days – not only is it your job to recruit the best talent, it’s also up to you keep them there. To do this, you need to figure out how to maximise their workplace happiness.

Happy employees generally mean engaged, motivated, productive employees, who will not just be there to celebrate the wins, but will stick it out through tough times too.

So, how do you make – and keep – your employees happy?


1 - Create a flexible work life balance

A flexible work arrangement is one of the most sought-after employee benefits.

This could mean setting your own work hours, working from home, job-sharing, or something as simple as having the freedom to attend personal commitments when they come up.

Understanding that not all your employees’ needs are the same is a great way to show your staff that you value their wellbeing, and will help to cultivate a sense of loyalty.

It will also help your staff with managing stress, allowing them space to breathe and balance their work with their personal life. Less stress = higher productivity and focus.


2 - Support a healthy lifestyle

Whether it’s providing a corporate gym or allowing flexibility to squeeze in before- or after-work classes, encouraging employees to be healthier makes a huge impact on maintaining a productive workforce.

While 56% of employees surveyed reported being happy with their jobs, that number jumped to 67% for those who were provided with snacks at work.

Having healthy snacks around the office is a great way to keep employees performing at their peak during the day. Just check out these amazing snack stats:

3 - Give back

Today’s employees are looking to their companies to give back to the community or reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, more than 85% of Millennials link their willingness to recommend a brand to someone to the company’s responsible efforts.

Letting your employees take time off to support a good cause is a great way to give back and boost your employees’ sense of self-worth.

Twitter employees volunteer at a local foodbank as part of their #FridayForGood initiative, while Technology One employees are allowed to take 2.5 days a year to volunteer for any charity they are passionate about.

Another way companies can easily give back is by matching charitable donations their employees make, or letting them salary sacrifice donations.


4 - Create a career pathway

Encouraging (and footing the bill for) employees to up-skill makes for happier employees who are better at what they do – BUT training alone isn’t enough. Staff also need to feel like they can climb the corporate ladder.

In one study, providing developmental support and career mentoring to employees who didn’t believe there were attractive career opportunities for them within the company led to said employees leaving the organisation.

Regular career planning and having an active online job board employees can access are just two ways to help engage, motivate, and retain your best and brightest within the biz.

Ashton Rigg