4 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Travel for Work


For all the supposed glamour of frequent work travel, there are a fair share of pitfalls.

By now you’ll be well accustomed to the diet of airplane breakfasts, conference lunches and room service dinners. It’s tradition! But you’ll also know that your health is suffering because of it – you’re gaining weight, you’re always exhausted and you can’t get into a good routine when you get home.

Here are four easy tips to implement some healthy living while travelling for work – none of which will inconvenience you or break your per diem. It’s all about maintaining some consistency and planning just enough ahead.


Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

We tend to indulge on the finer things in life when we travel (it just feels right!), and staying hydrated is key to not spending your trip dehydrated or sick. Simple steps like finishing your water glass at lunch and drinking a big glass when you wake up will help you stay hydrated and refreshed.

Having a water bottle with you will also help to offset any dehydration from alcohol or rich foods. As soon as you get through the airport security line, fill up your bottle at the nearest water fountain to stay hydrated on the plane. Then just fill it up before leaving your hotel each day.


Develop a Go-To Fitness Routine

If you frequently travel, take the time to find a workout routine that you can do in your room or in a small hotel gym. Then commit to it each time.

If you enjoy running, use it as an opportunity to see a new city before or after work. If you’re more into yoga, save a few video routines so you can access them anywhere. If you’re into HIIT or weights, spend some time with a PT coming up with your routine so you can do it anywhere.


Commit to One Healthy Meal Each Day

If you’re at a conference, chances are you’ll be drinking filter coffee and eating sandwiches and little cakes all day. Every day.

Combat this by planning for at least one meal a day that is healthy. Whether it’s a healthy breakfast at the produce markets or a light dinner with friends after a day at work, it will still make a big difference.


Keep Snacks Handy

When you first arrive in a new city, head to a market or grocery store to stock up on good snacks (or bring some with you, if you can!). It’s not always easy to find food you want in a new city, so having some snacks on hand to avoid slumps or hanger is key. Otherwise you’ll just go for what you know, which is often a fast food chain.

Of course, we advise you take some Snackwize goodies with you, and ask your office place to arrange some boxes while you stay! That way you know you’ll have a bounty of protein balls, kale chips, trail mixes, nuts, beef jerky and more at your finger tips.

Conor Reynolds