5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Silly Season


Office parties. Christmas parties. Going away parties. New Years’ parties. Christmas Lunch. Christmas Dinner.

The silly season is full of opportunities to catch up with friends, family and yourself. But it’s also tricky to cope with all the overindulgence, late nights and morning-after blues.

That doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away until mid-January. It just means a little preparation is in order to keep your good habits in place. Here are our top five tips for staying healthy during the silly season.


Stick to Your Routine

If you promise yourself that you’ll keep up your daily run or your Monday Pilates class, you’ll be less likely to put yourself in position where that’s harder – and by that we mean where you’re hungover! Push yourself to stick to your usual routine and fit other commitments around that. Been invited to a party that coincides with your favourite gym time? Well, just go to the gym and then go to the party!


Watch Your Intake

Being mindful of what you’re eating and drinking is the best way to keep yourself healthy during buffet and open-bar season. Make sure you’re eating proper meals before any parties, which normally only have chips and dips. Keep your snacking in check (see below). Try committing to a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. Leave the party early so you get on with life without a headache!

A particular note on alcohol – the body uses a considerable amount of nutrients when processing alcohol, including B-group vitamins. If you’re low in vitamin B, this elimination process will be affected. It’s time to up your intake in wholegrains, avocadoes, nuts and red meat – or take a daily B-complex supplement.


Snack Wisely

For those moments when you don’t have time for a full meal before the party or you stay out a little later than you intended (and you’re now starving!), make sure you keep some healthy snacks on hand. Small bags of nuts (those B vitamins again!), veggie chips, popcorn or jerky will keep you steady until you can resume your routine again.

Luckily Snackwize has all those things! It’s the perfect time to stock up.

And of course, keep up your hydration. Drink plenty of water alongside those glasses of Champagne and those salty snacks, and you’ll find yourself recovering much faster.


Enjoy Yourself!

Enjoy a mince pie with your afternoon cup of tea or some pudding after Christmas lunch. It’s Christmas after all!

Depriving yourself will just build up until you find yourself spooning an entire pavlova from the bowl at 1am on Boxing Day.

Around those too-good-to-miss moments, eat and drink well. Keep a carafe of water next to your desk to increase your hydration, make sure you eat before you go out for drinks, and always carry something healthy with you to avoid those guilty moments by the kebab stand.


Get Back on Track

As soon as the party season is over, get back on track. Don’t feel guilty about where you over-indulged or give up because you’ve gone too far. Just shrug it off, get back to your routine, and remember all the fun you had!

Phoebe Tully