50 Ideas To Create a Healthy & Engaged Workplace


Creating a Healthy & Engaged Workplace

Working life can be strenuous, both mentally and physically, even if you’re working your dream job. Without adequately taking care of yourself, health and wellbeing eventually suffer.

Managing your workload and juggling health needs are imperative to long-term happiness and peace of mind – considering that one in five Australians have taken a day off in the last year due to stress, anxiety or depression, people are finding it difficult. Being able to sit in comfortable office buildings replete with air conditioning and vending machines makes the decision for tired, unmotivated workers to take the care to look after themselves a difficult one.

Working towards an improved workplace

Creating a healthy and engaged workplace for your employees therefore must become a conscious decision supported by both effective planning and decided motivation. There are dozens of ways to create a positive work environment, including changing things like nutrition, break times, knowledge, exercise, and so much more – our team like to emphasise the need to tailor options to your specific workforce, applying the solutions that will reap the biggest reward: a happy and healthy workplace!

Taking Steps to Transform your environment

With so many avenues available to creating a healthier workplace, we’ve demonstrated a few ideas to help give you a little bit of inspiration.

Positive nutritional changes

One of the simplest ways to manage an unhealthy workplace is to remove the bounty of unhealthy options available to employees. Replacing snacks high in fat or sugar with tasty healthy alternatives at meetings, conferences and functions is an easy way to keep people satisfied while also helping productivity.

Caffeine alternatives like herbal teas are also a great way to decrease anxiety in the workplace – five coffees a day isn’t doing anyone any good! Healthy paleo and gluten free snack boxes are also a great way to ensure your workplace can start their day with a dose of energy!

Effective exercise regimes

Introducing subtle ways to encourage more activity in the workplace is a great way to tackle the issue of sedentary workers. Installing bike-racks on site can encourage more people to ride to work and repurposing existing spaces like conference rooms for activities like Pilates or yoga are very budget-friendly ways to encourage workers to be more active.

Taking activities out of the office is also a great idea, and provides a respite from the dry, air-conditioned office. Having interested parties meet outside the office for a half hour walk is an excellent way to build morale and get bums off seats for a little while.

Take the challenge to improve your workplace!

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Conor Reynolds