8 Ideas to Improve Your Break Room


Good break rooms are an overlooked feature in an office environment.

Maybe it’s the fear that employees will spend too much time in there, or that it’s wasted space in a limited floor plan. But the break room is where effective teams re-charge throughout the day. It’s the hub of everything that keeps your team motivated – water, coffee and snacks!

Creating a great break room for your employees is one way you can empower their healthy decisions throughout the day as well as encourage a collaborative, fun work environment. One extra tip: assign someone to make sure the break room is always in great condition, whether it’s a rotating roster or a specific staff member.


Filtered Water

Make hydrating with water an easier choice than sugary soft drinks. Buy a large, filtered water cooler and glasses from IKEA or Kmart (they don’t have to be expensive, but opt out of disposable plastic whenever possible). You could even keep glass bottles in the cupboards so people can take a few glasses’ worth back to their desk.


Good Coffee/Tea

Preferably at no cost to your employees. It doesn’t need to be Nespresso (those pods quickly add up!), but splurge a little to get a system your team will actually want to use. And remember to have tea options as well.


Healthy snacks

When pushed for time, most employees will choose complimentary snacks over purchasing their own. So be sure that the break room snacks are healthy and full of good energy to avoid afternoon slumps. Snackwize can help you with a regular subscription to ensure your snacks are always healthy, fresh and interesting.


A Fridge System

You want your employees to actually use the fridge and not have to buy their lunch each day. Make your food labelling system clear and easy by providing tape and marker pens so everyone can take ownership (this also helps when it comes to cleaning out the fridge each week!).


Well-Stocked Cupboards

Make sure you provide things like cutlery, mugs and plates so your team can make themselves at home. It will also cut down on plastic, which is a good step towards making your office more eco-friendly.


Lunch Tables

By providing your staff with a place to sit that’s not at their desk, you’ll encourage cross-team collaboration, teamwork and a friendlier work environment.


Separated Space

Your break room should be sufficiently cut off from the rest of your office to encourage people to stick around and not just go back to their desks. You could also decorate it differently, to really ensure it feels separated.


Keep It Fresh

Regularly update the break room to keep snacks stocked up, work benches clean and plants watered. Make sure magazines or games are no more than a couple of months old (five year old magazines are just doctors-office depressing…), and add a few surprises to keep people coming back.

A great break room really can be the foundation to a healthy work environment.

With a Snackwize subscription, expect a bounty of protein balls, kale chips, trail mixes, nuts, beef jerky and more delivered to the door each month (or however frequently suits you). Talk to us now about how Snackwize can help your team power through their days.

Phoebe Tully