Fed Up With Choosing Healthy Snacks for Work? Leave it to Us

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Most of us know we should be eating a healthier diet, but we’re busy, and sourcing the right ingredients and food items feels like a hassle. Follow our tips for choosing and preparing healthy snacks for work, and eat better during the day no matter how busy you are. 

Here at Snackwize, we get it. You’re rushing around looking after family members, taking care of things at home, trying to find time to get to the gym or exercise, and hoping to have some time left over to socialise, relax or have fun. The last thing you want to have to spend time, money and effort on is sourcing ingredients and preparing snacks. 

But, when hunger strikes at work, you also want to be able to reach for something nutritious instead of food that contains only empty calories. We’ve got some great ideas and suggestions for snacks that you can take to work. With a little forethought and preparation, you can eat better, no matter how busy you are during the working day.  

Plan in Advance 

If you want to eat better, you will need to put a bit of effort into your shopping, set aside some time for preparation, and plan ahead so you’ve got your tasty snack to hand when you need it. Alternatively, you can ask Snackwize to deliver a Snack Box to your workplace. 

We can provide a Snack Box containing 30 to 40 different types of snacks straight to your office weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The snacks will be a mixture of sweet and savoury food items, and when the delivery lands at your door, you’ll know you’ve got a supply of health-enhancing snacks readily available at work for staff to enjoy.  

Here’s some tips for preparing snacks at home to take into work with you. 

•  Check you have a suitable fridge at work, or you will need a cooler bag and ice packs to keep food fresh. 

•  Make a shopping list of ingredients in advance of a shopping trip. 

•   Don’t buy too much; fresh ingredients will go off quite quickly. 

•  Buy suitable containers with lids to keep your snacks fresh. Remember to look for freezer, microwave and dishwasher-safe tubs for ease of use. 

If your healthy snack isn’t delicious from the very first bite, as well as great to look at, the chances are you’ll end up tossing it in the staff room bin instead of eating it at lunchtime. You’ll need to think about colour, texture and smell, and how you will store and present your food. 

Take Salad from Soggy to Sensational 

We know that salad is good for us, but for many of us, a salad means wilting lettuce, soggy cucumber and tomato, and a dull and unfulfilling lunch. Well, it doesn’t have to be! You can quite easily transform a salad from boring to enthralling by adding some extra ingredients and toppings.

Include sliced raw vegetables, cooked sweet potato, celery, capsicum, snow peas, edamame, beans, radishes or cauliflower florets. Add croutons, chia seeds, roasted chickpeas, nuts and seeds to add some crunch to your salad. Hummus, feta cheese, grated cheese and avocado slices will give your salad a wonderful creamy texture.  

Dress your salad with lots of colourful and fresh ingredients and then drizzle on your favourite salad dressing. You’ll find you can’t wait to get stuck in!

If you are concerned that a salad won’t satisfy your hunger, there are ways to make it more substantial. 

•  Marinate chicken, tofu or beef in a maple tamari, satay, or cumin garlic marinade, and add to your salad. 

•  Low GI grains like brown rice, barley, freekeh and quinoa are excellent sources of carbohydrates and energy. 

•   Add rice, lentils, wholemeal pasta or Asian noodles to make your salad more filling.

•  Eggs are great with a salad; hardboiled eggs are high in protein and contain B vitamins and trace minerals

Eat More Protein 

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If you incorporate more protein in your lunch, you will feel fuller for longer, and you will be less likely to want to snack on junk food during the afternoon. Protein is more satisfying because it signals the release of appetite-suppressing hormones, slows the digestion, and stabilises blood sugar levels.

Sources of protein include lean meat, poultry and fish, eggs, dairy products, seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, lentils, chickpeas and tofu.

Here’s some great ways to eat more protein while you’re at work: 

• Snack on almonds and pistachios; they are slightly higher in protein than other types of nuts.

• Pumpkin seeds are high in protein and other valuable nutrients.

• Buy cheese sticks for your lunch box. Cheese is a good source of protein and contains calcium, phosphorus, selenium and small amounts of many other nutrients. 

• Mix up a protein shake for work. Protein shakes are made from protein powder added to milk, water, or juice. 

• Prepare a delicious parfait by adding a tablespoon of granola and some mixed berries to Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt.

• Make sandwiches using slices of meat instead of bread for a high-protein snack that is low in carbs. Roll your filling in slices of meat; turkey breast works really well.

•  Add chia seeds to water, tea, smoothies, salads, soups, dips, Chia seeds are high in protein and contains calcium, phosphorous, manganese and omega3 fatty acid.

• For a high protein snack, prepare rice paper rolls with lean pork mince and serve them with a dipping sauce made from lime juice and fish sauce.

• Canned salmon and tuna are loaded with protein. 

• Try chickpeas roasted with seasoning and olive oil for a great source of protein and fibre.  

•  In Snackwize snack boxes, you will find bars and balls packed with nutrition and protein in both sweet and savoury flavours. 

Choose Seasonal Produce 

If you’re going to enjoy snacking on fresh fruit and veggies at work, they need to be crisp, fresh and at their very best. The key here is to source seasonal produce. 

When you choose fruit and vegetables that are in season, they will be more flavourful, nutritional, and they will be better value for money. Buy locally grown produce and you are supporting your farming community, and you are also doing your part for environmental sustainability. Fruit and vegetables grown in your area haven’t been shipped and transported miles across land and sea in order to reach your local store - and your lunch box. 

Depending on where you live and work, you will likely be able to get hold of: apricots, peaches, cherries, plums, strawberries, melons, celery and pumpkin in spring and summer; apples, berries, kiwifruit, pears and persimmons in autumn; and, lemons, mandarins and oranges in winter. Chop them up at home and bring them to work in a container and you’ve got a refreshing and nutritional snack at your fingertips. 

Make Your Snacks Exciting as Well as Tasty 

If you’re not really one for tucking into salads and fresh fruit and vegetables, there are other options for healthy eating at work.


A Middle Eastern vegetarian snack, falafels are traditionally made from ground or mashed chickpeas, garlic, herbs and ground spices. Deep fried, falafels are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Eat them with hummus and tabouli, tahini and pickles, garlic sauce and halloumi, or stuff them inside a lightly toasted pitta. If you like strong flavours, you’ll love the jerky and biltong in our Snack Boxes, which we have in a variety of flavours. 

Egg Muffins 

Try making your own egg muffins at home. Egg muffins are made by mixing eggs with veggies like broccoli, onions and bell peppers, and then adding seasoning. Bake them in the oven the night before and take them to work the next day. 


Popcorn is a filling snack, and it provides some B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese, and fibre. Our organic coconut oil popcorn is popular with offices in Sydney in Melbourne, and our customers love our healthy vegetable, baked and multigrain chips.

Other suggestions include peanut butter since it’s high in protein, cold cuts of meat, wholegrain crackers, multigrain or rye with your favourite toppings, and home-made vegetable soups which you can reheat at work. 

All of the snacks inside our Snack Boxes taste great. We know this for a fact because we taste-test a sample of each snack ourselves before we order a supply to put in our customer’s Boxes. We always include paleo, gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and non-GMO options in our Snack Boxes, so no matter what dietary requirements you and your colleagues have, there will be a snack to brighten up the day.

How to Make Healthy Snacking Easier 

Sourcing healthy, delicious snacks can feel like a chore. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and a real hassle, especially when you make a special trip to the store only to find your favourite dried super berries or natural whole food bars are sold out. It can also be somewhat monotonous eating the same dried fruit and nut mix several days in a row. Your fresh ingredients go off too quickly, and you have to remember to prepare them in advance. On top of that, you also need a plethora of storage containers in different shapes and sizes, and access to a clean fridge and microwave. 

There is another way. Get in touch with us for a quote for a Snackwize snack box for your workplace or office. We deliver your box of snacks straight to your door every week, fortnight or month. Let us know which items in your box were the most popular with your staff, and we will include more of those in your next delivery. All of the snacks in our Boxes are healthy, nutritious, and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

If you’re fed up with choosing, buying and preparing healthy snacks for work, you really can leave it to us! 

Conor Reynolds