How To Eat Healthy On The Go

We get it – life is go, go, go. How can you possibly eat well and look after yourself when you don’t even have time to call your mum back? Well, it’s all about thinking ahead and staying prepared – and holding yourself to those commitments. Here are some easy ways you can stay healthy on the go. Your productivity and waistline will thank you.


Make it all convenient

If you know you’ll skip breakfast so you can sleep in, make sure breakfast is something you can grab and go.

Put all your smoothie ingredients in the blender (in the fridge) at night, then just put it on in the morning, pour it into a sealed cup, and take it with you. Or make breakfast ‘muffins’ with all your favourite ingredients, bake them each Sunday, and grab one to go each morning. Finally, make sure you have some healthy snacks in your bag and desk drawer to re-energise you during the day. If it’s convenient, you’ll do it (most of the time, anyway).


Take your lunch break

Seriously, take it! (And take your annual leave too, while we’re on the topic.) And, if you can, take your lunch break outdoors. Walk over to the closest park and set yourself up with a bit of a picnic. Even if you really, really need to bring some work with you, you’ll still benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. Make it a rule to not eat at your desk at least three times a week, and see what a difference it makes.

Now, even if you have to work late and get takeaway Thai for dinner, you’ve eaten a good, wholesome meal that got your through the afternoon without the help of chocolate bars.


Stay hydrated

Buy yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it full. Take it with you to work each day, keep it in your car over the weekends, store some in your fridge. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest, cheapest things you can do for your health. Always have some water close by, and you’ll soon notice a big difference in your skin, and maybe even in your weight.


Stick to your rules

You’ll inevitably need to eat out sometimes, despite your best efforts – and that’s OK! We’ve all had days where meetings go way over or things don’t go quite to plan. Just hunt down the best, balanced option – and keep it in mind when you need it as an emergency lunch choice.

Protein is the key for sustainable, long-lasting energy to keep you going all afternoon. Even food courts have healthy options now, so finding a salad with a protein like chicken or fish is easier than ever before. Choose water over juice or soft drink and skip the hot chips as a side. Making smart choices on the go is easiest when you stick to your own rules about what makes you feel healthy and balanced.

Conor Reynolds