Is Your Team Stressed?


‘Stress’ and ‘work’ shouldn’t go hand in hand. Sure, sometimes there’s time pressure or financial restraints, but the workplace should not be stressful for your team all the time.

Of course, we hear time and time again that there’s a point where stress is detrimental to one’s health – hence the rise of meditation apps! Long hours and intense demands are the main culprits of a stressful working environment, although difficult co-workers/bosses and poor working conditions can also be factors.

If you’ve noticed a change in the ‘feel’ of your office, consider these warnings signs:



Do your team members often take personal leave or sick days? Skipping work is a very common sign of stressed employees – they simply don’t want to come in.


Poor teamwork. 

If your team used to be able to collaborate well, but now clash and procrastinate, they might be under a lot of pressure and stress. Look for the warning signs of arguments and excuses.


Poorer quality of work. 

It basically goes without saying that being under a lot of stress makes it difficult for employees to concentrate and stay productive throughout the day. While many believe that pressure can create better work, stress often leads to sloppier output.



Does your team – who can usually see creative solutions to everything – keep seeing the glass half-empty? Do you keep hearing reasons why something won’t work? Perhaps it’s a sign of stress.


Low energy. 

Being stressed is physically draining and can affect sleep quality. If your team are constantly tired or reaching for high processed sugary snacks and constant coffee, stress could be a main culprit.


What you can do about it

No one wants to spend his or her days working in a noisy, cluttered and unpleasant space. You might not be able to do much about the physical environment of your office, but you can certainly make it a nicer place to work.

You should encourage your team to take proper breaks each day, especially lunch breaks. Ensure you listen to your team’s concerns and take them seriously. What can you do to reduce the constant stress and pressure in the office?

Physically you might bring in greenery or create silent zones. You could ask that employees keep their phone calls quiet and turn their personal music off. You could stock the cupboard and fridge with healthy all natural preservative free snacks to keep energy levels up and attitudes positive.

Reducing stress among your team members not only benefits them, it benefits the company. Happy employees are productive employees!

Conor Reynolds