Snack Food Delivery vs. Vending Machines in the Workplace: The Evolving World of Snacking

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In break rooms in offices all across the country, you are likely to find a vending machine. Vending machines sit there waiting for impulse eating, as few employees plan to eat lunch from there. The vending machine represents convenience, but does it really offer healthy snacking? Most of the time, no. It’s filled with chips, candy bars, and other sugar-filled goodies. Most companies may be unaware that there are better alternatives. While some vendors may state they can fill your machines with healthier options like baked chips or granola bars, these are still highly processed foods that don’t offer the nutrition a body needs. Is this what you want your employees to snack on? 

The truth is, the snack game is changing. Vending machines have little ability to provide fresh, truly nourishing selections. The alternative you should be learning about is snack food delivery. Keep reading to explore the comparisons of these two choices and why the snack food world must change.

Obesity is an Epidemic

The world can no longer turn a blind eye to what obesity is doing to the country. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 28 percent of Australian adults were found to be obese in 2015, up from 19 percent in 1995. Obesity is, of course, much more than just a physique limitation. The AIHW found that at least 5 percent of the burden of disease was obesity-related. What does that mean for the workplace? For the country? For the world? It means, the human race is on a collision course to more health problems as result of being overweight; problems like type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and even cancer. It’s time for a wakeup call. If you think you can’t play a role in helping your employees make healthier choices, you’re wrong. It could be as simple as really looking at the key differences between vending machines and snack food delivery.

The Desire for Ready to Eat Food

Life is busy, and your employees may be balancing lots of responsibilities outside of work. They may simply have little time to eat. It’s possible they may be a bit lazy, too. While this is no slam on millennials, a survey did find 40 percent of this generation believes cereal is an inconvenient choice for breakfast because it requires clean up. Thus, your employees need something that requires no work, which means convenience. Convenience once only meant the vending machine. However, if other items are available for them to eat, they may be just as glad to try it.

A Look at the Vending Machine Landscape

With a quick search, it’s easy to find the top vending machine companies in Australia. In the landscape of vending machines, the machine is one part of the process. These may be purchased or leased, however, some companies offer them at no charge for a percentage of revenue. A look at the snack options of the company that claims to be Australia’s largest snack vendor shows little that could be considered healthy. Here are a few highlights:

  • Salt & Vinegar Chips

  • Gluten Free Vege Crackers BBQ Cheese

  • Milk Chocolate

  • Triple Chocolate Cookies

Now, these all sound like great snacks. Who doesn’t love chips and chocolate? But none of this would even remotely qualify as healthy. When you are stuck with the same old vending machine offerings, you only offer junk to your employees. This type of food isn’t going to help them feel better or be more productive. In fact, it could cause them to crash after their sugar high and be rather sluggish and less engaged.

Upon further review, this vending company does have a section labeled as “healthy” but again their offerings leave much to be desired. They’ve characterised smaller portions of the same salty snacks as healthy. Just because there is less of it, doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Some of their other options under this category include a Mini Meal Bar of apple and blueberry that claims to be made of real fruit. Yet, it looks like a cement bar that no one would find appetizing. Vending machine companies realise the world of snacking is changing, but they still have not been able to successfully align that with offering healthy foods that taste and look good.

The Logistics and Maintenance Challenges of Vending Machines

Even in a perfect world where vending machines only offered healthy options, there are still challenges related to logistics and maintenance. There is the coordination of regular refills, which may have to always be initiated by you. Then there is the maintenance of the actual machine. What happens when it’s broken? What do you do when John’s item gets stuck and can’t be retrieved? Equipment is only good if it works. All this creates lots of work for you, and you already have a job.

Then there is the money collection. When will this be collected? How? Does this increase risk in the workplace with coins and bills being collected? There could be additional concerns around theft and security.

What seems in theory like a simple process, in fact has many layers. These responsibilities will need to be taken on by someone in the office. There can be lots of things that go wrong, and depending on the vending company you work with, they may or may not be responsive. After all, they have the machine in your office. The deal is done for them in many ways. What happens next may fall squarely in your lap.

The Snack Food Delivery Difference

Snack food delivery is the future of office snacking. It has significant benefits over vending machines. Those include truly healthy options that are varied and actually taste good. There is also no machine—so no maintenance required. Snack food delivery is also done on a monthly snack box subscription, so the snacks just arrive.  Let’s look at these snack food delivery advantages in more detail.

Real Healthy Options

Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless. There are sweet and savoury snacks that deliver nutrition while also fulfilling a sweet or salty craving. Snack boxes can also easily cover dietary needs. So many Australians deal with gluten or dairy allergies. Others may be vegan. There is something for all in the well-curated snack box. So, how can you be sure the snacks really are tasty? Well, at Snackwize, we put them to the test. We have a team whose palettes are delighted with a variety of samples. If it doesn’t pass their test, then it doesn’t get to you. Portion control is also not a concern, as snack sizes are individual.

Maintenance Free Snacking

With a snack box delivery service, the only maintenance you’ll need to do is set up a stand that holds the snacks. No one’s going to lose their protein bar because it gets stuck in the machine. There is also no dealing with money. You can, if you want, include a money box, if you would like your employees to contribute, but it’s much less of a hassle then dealing with a vending machine. 

Subscriptions Bring Snacks to You on Your Schedule

A snack box subscription is set by you. You choose how often you want deliveries, which you can change as needed. Typically, it's a monthly snack box delivery. You will not have to track down vendors for reorders or wait for them to arrive when it suits their schedule. Snack food delivery is intended to be easy and convenient, the things that vending machine providers claim they are but rarely are.

The Bottom Line on Vending Machines vs. Snack Food Delivery

Snacking is an important part of daily life. We are a world of snackers. We also are a world of people who love convenience. We will gladly take what is available. So, use this to your advantage in the workplace and put what’s healthier closer.

Convenience has also been a misnomer for the vending machine world. If you aren’t currently experiencing pains with vending, you probably will, as it’s inevitable that the machine will fail. True convenience lies in snack food delivery. It is more than convenient. It’s an opportunity to feed your workforce’s mind as well as their stomach. Better snacking can help your employees be more productive and simply feel better. The bottom line for office snacking solutions is snack food delivery. It can be a critical part of how you encourage your staff to live a healthier life. One better choice at work could lead to many more in their lives.

Try Snack Delivery Today with Snackwize

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Conor Reynolds