It's Time To Upgrade Your Snacks


There are certain truths you learn in adulthood. Electricity bills need to be paid on time. Shots are never a good idea during the work week. Cake does not constitute as dinner.

These moments come from re-evaluating your choices in life – perhaps when you’re sitting at work feeling like a train has run over your head. Well, we have something else for you to re-evaluate today: your snacking habits.

Almost everyone (seriously – 94%!) snacks at least once a day. Most of these snacks are from vending machines, lolly jars and convenience stores. They’re the sort of snacks that leave you feeling hungry, tired and wanting more sugar.

Well, just as you’ve learned your lesson about paying bills on time, it’s time to upgrade those miserable snacks to something that makes you feel great all afternoon.

Here’s how, all available through Snackwize:

Upgrading from potato chips? It’s for the best…



- The X50 Broccoli Chips have been voted as one of the best protein snacks on the market. With less than 80% of the calories you’ll find in potato chips, they’re packed with way more fibre and nutrients.

- We absolutely love the Potato, Rice & Pumpkin Snaps by Piranha – they’re gluten-free with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. All the satisfaction of crunchy potato chips without the carb loading.

- DJ&A’s Veggie Crisps are made from yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, carrots, radish, green beans and mushrooms. With 30% less fat that regular fried potato chips, this is another delicious gluten-free option.

Upgrading from nitrate-filled jerky? Good call!


- Just Jerky is sustainably sourced from grass-fed beef and keeps out all the usual nasties. If you’re looking for a good hit of iron, zinc and B vitamins, this is the snack to reach for.

- Chief Bars came on the scene a few years ago when the founders were hiking the Kokoda Trail and couldn’t find any good Paleo snacks to take with them. Free of chemicals, preservatives, gluten and dairy, Chief Bars are completely natural and much easier to chew than regular jerky!

Upgrading from sweets but still want some crunch? 



- ThinkFood’s roasted nuts and seeds come in six flavours. Free of dairy, honey, gluten, trans fats, cholesterol and artificial nasties, the snack bags are vegan-friendly and sure to fuel you right through that 3pm slump.

- East Bali Cashews come in eight natural flavours, including chocolate, sea salt and chilli. Packed into perfect single snack size serves, the farm employs local women in Indonesia to reduce poverty and increase education.

- Brookfarm’s Entertainer Blend uses the best macadamias, pistachios, almonds and pecans, all blended with a hint of maple syrup and a light dusting of sea salt. It is incredibly delicious!

Honest Pop’s Organic Popcorn is all the things you’ve come to expect from Snackwize: gluten free, preservative free, vegetarian, egg free, nut free, wheat free, rice free and made with no refined sugar. A guilt-free snack if ever we saw one!

Conor Reynolds