What Attracts Millennials to the Workplace?

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Millennials are set to become 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Workplaces that want to have a thriving culture and efficient workforce need to start thinking of ways to engage and involve millennials.

These group of workers are different to their successors: wanting jobs that give them a sense of purpose and a workplace that feels like a home. If you’re looking to make your workplace more friendly for this younger generation, Snackwize has some ways you can help capture and retain the attention of millennials to your company.

Keep Them Engaged

Workplaces aren’t just about coming in, doing the job and heading back home for millennials. This is an opportunity to learn, grow, and network. Having mundane work can be very uninspiring for millennials and lead to a lack of enthusiasm for the role.

Millennials grew up in the era of technology, innovation and change and will likely have loads of new ideas and suggestions. Give them the space to talk about those recommendations and actually listen. Millennials want to know how they are doing in the workplace. Feel free to let them know when they are doing good work but also when and how they can improve their performance.

Have Good CSR & Sustainability Practices

Millennials grew up learning about caring for the environment and calculating carbon footprints. Having ongoing and transparent efforts to practice better sustainability and corporate social responsibility is a key way to get millennials interested in your company.

Make an Effort to care for Staff Wellbeing & Mental Health

According to the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey: 67% of Australian millennials rate a positive work environment as one of the most important factors when choosing a company. Investing in proper programs and structures that improve staff well-being and mental health is a key way to attract millennials.

Whether it’s having free access to counsellors, flexible work hours, healthy snacks in the kitchen or dedicated wellness weeks — wellbeing isn’t an area to be overlooked.

A Good Company Culture

It’s not just about the ping pong tables, coffee machines and cool spaces — although they certainly are a bonus. Taking the time to understand what motivates millennials to work is the key to creating a good culture in the office. An article in the Harvard Business Review, indicates millennials are likely to prioritise work places that give them the opportunity to grow and have good management. Ensuring managers are equipped to educate and coach this generation is just as, if not more important than other office perks.

No two offices are the same, so use an approach that fits your company — as long as you work towards millennials feeling like they belong and are valued at work.

Conor Reynolds