When you bring it back to the basics, Living Wizely is all about the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% of the time you make good, healthy, active life choices, while the other 20% is all about embracing those little indulgences.

We're pretty confident you’re already handling the 20% just fine on your own, so we'll stick to focusing on the bulk here: the quinoa eating, green drinking, protein shaking 80%.

In case you’re wondering if this ratio work in, reverse – it doesn't. And if you want proof of that, just take a gander around your office.

How many of your co-workers reach for that extra cream-stuffed cookie or cheeky choccie to get through their day? Sugar levels spike, energy levels quickly become depleted, and the excuses to re-neg on that afternoon workout come rolling in.

If you're not putting something good into your body, what you get back won't be good either. You only get out what you put in.

We’ve found the hardest parts of healthy living are a perception of feeling deprived of things that make us feel good, and a thought that it’s simply ‘too hard’ to find a better option. It’s time to say goodbye to bad habits and hello to Living Wizely – your personal portal for healthy snack ideas, wellness at work, and so much more.

We’re on a mission to prove to you the 80% can just be as fun as the 20%. So, if you’re struggling to strike a life balance between your 9-5 (let's be honest, more like 8-7) and healthy habits, or you're doing okay but maybe just need a bit of a friendly nudge now and then, you’re exactly where you need to be. Welcome to Living Wizely! 

Ashton Rigg