Paleo Snack Boxes

Chow down like a caveman. Snackwize makes it easy for everyone to stick to even the strictest paleo diet while still enjoying a delicious snack when hunger strikes. With paleo snack delivery to workplaces across Australia, Snackwize makes it super easy to keep your office ticking along.

Don’t waste time and money paying retail price at the shops every day for unhealthy, fattening snacks. Give your workers a better, healthier class of treat without losing hours to shopping trips with Snackwize. Starting at just $179 per month, you’ll have a hand-picked selection of delectable treats delivered straight to your office kitchen, ready for devouring by your hungry staff. Whatever dietary needs, restrictions and preferences your team has, don’t worry! We can accommodate you. Start customising your box today and let the snacking begin!

Snack delivery when and where you need it

Snackwize knows that everyone snacks in different ways, so we offer a diverse range of treats to suit every diet and every palette. We work hard to build strong relationships with some of the best snack makers in the world, bringing you only the best in paleo-friendly food in every snack box. Your box could contain anything from Paleo Pure muesli to Raw World Company biltong, East Bali granola bites, popcorn and cashews and Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars. With a rotating selection each month, it’s never the same box twice!

We’ve got a paleo snack box to suit every business. Whether you’re a sprawling company with a roster in the hundreds or a growing start-up that’s still under 20 people, we can meet your needs. Scalable boxes mean minimum wastage and fewer people missing out, leading to a happier, healthier workplace every time. Do the right thing for your office and talk to the Snackwize team.

Start building your subscription box today

Get in touch with the people who know snacking and transform your workplace for the better. Get in touch with Snackwize today either through our enquiry form or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.