Here’s What Our CUSTOMERS Have to Say About SnackWIZE

Hutchies signed up to Snackwize in 2016 which was one of the best healthy initiatives we implemented for our office. The boxes are a great healthy workplace initiative that provide our staff with a unique alternative to the standard junk food found in our vending machines. There is something for everyone in each box, and we receive regular updates on new snacks that we will be snacking on in our next delivery. We’ve only found one problem – the snacks are so good that they get eaten straight away so we’ve had to start ordering more!
— Tabitha, Hutchinson Builders
GroundProbe rolled out the monthly Snackwize box initiative to help keep employees engaged and healthy at work, as part of our commitment to our People Matter value. The variety of snacks and the changing range keeps our staff interested, and this one simple addition to our Employee Wellness Program has had a noticeable impact on morale. Recognition of effort comes in many forms… it just so happens that at GroundProbe, we sometimes say ‘thank you’ with food!
— Lauren, GroundProbe
Snackwize is an office game changer! They run an excellent service and healthy alternative to the standard office junk food running around. Everyone loves the healthy, delicious choices and variety of snacks on offer. It is a huge time saver and for the price and brands you receive it’s a no brainer to keep employees happy and healthy!
— Sam, Holmes Stubbings Accountants
We introduced ‘Snack wise’ options into our Brisbane head office in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier! The variety of the snack options are always well received and we have decided to roll out Snackwize into the wider business in 2018 servicing all our offices Nationally and Internationally. Our employees are very health conscious and the Snackwize product is a perfect fit for our business.
— Tracey, Technology One
Since introducing Snackwize to my colleagues at Palo Alto Networks (both Melbourne and Sydney Offices) the feedback has been outstanding. Great products, excellent service and a very healthy option for all staff to enjoy. I would highly recommend Snackwize to other businesses as I’ve no doubt they too will be impressed. A big thank you to Conor at Snackwize for his dedicated service and efforts in making sure we’re always happy.
— Sharon, Palo Alto Network
We love all the healthy delicious snacks that Snackwize provides! Receiving a new box each month feels like Christmas!
— Karlee, Excite Holidays
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