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Healthy Snacks for Your Office

Snackwize is a healthy snack delivery service that delivers healthy and delicious snacks straight to your office or workplace at prices cheaper than retail. We provide a convenient weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, tailor made to your office’s size, taste, and needs.

Convenient monthly subscription service

Providing the right snacks to your employees can be the difference between employees just getting their work done, and delivering great work results to your organisation.

Australians love to snack but most workplaces don’t provide snacks to optimise staff productivity and so staff often find themselves at the office vending machine grabbing a sugary pick me up. Our number one goal here at Snackwize is to make healthy food more convenient then junk food for staff in offices around Australia. In every one of our boxes you’ll find a wide variety of healthy snacks that not only eliminate snack-time boredom but also keep your staff happy, engaged and performing at their best. If you are ready to make your workplace awesome register here for a free quote!

Our Mission:

Provide healthy snacks to workplaces

Provide offices, workplaces and homes with access to healthy and nutritious snacks

Make eating healthy a convenient option

Make healthy snacking fun and convenient

Spread health, happiness and yumminess

Spread health, happiness and yumminess


INdustry leaders trust snackwize


Curated By Our Nutritionist

Thanks to our Nutritionist Tracie Connor, our snack boxes are filled with only the highest quality healthy snacks that are made from all natural ingredients and are preservative free.  

Tracie Connor, Nutritionist

Tracie Connor, Nutritionist

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